Dine-around Experience at T2 International Airport, Mumbai

Alice at T2 International Airport
Alice at T2 International Airport
If you’ve travelled internationally from the T2 airport at Sahar, Mumbai, you’ll relate to what I’m about to say. You’re famished before you can board your flight. You leave home an hour in advance and you’re anyway required to be at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight time. It’s roughly 4 hours, give or take from the time you leave home until you board the flight. And the only thing going on in your mind is what you want to eat.

For this reason, I was at T2 last night exploring the restaurant options and trying the specialities on the menu. Just so next time you’re at the airport, you know where to head and what to eat. If you’ve factored in time for duty free shopping, you might as well enjoy a good meal too.

For starters, we headed to the Indian Kebab & Grill restaurant. We tried a range of vegetarian starters including the Broccoli Badam Tikki and the Paneer Dum Roll. The interesting thing about the restaurant, being located at the airport is, no knives and open fires can be used. The closed mini-tandoor can serve up a paneer tikka that you can cut into with your fork. Imagine cooking without knives. That’s gotta be a real challenge.

After we had whet our appetite with the starters, we headed to Olive Bistro for mains and desserts. Olive is popular for its pizzas and risottos. But even the burger and pasta left us asking for more. Tell me the pictures aren’t making you drool already.

If you thought we’d be full on the mains, you guessed right. But only for the benefit of our dear readers, we indulged in delicious desserts. You can tell they were excellent by the mere glee on our face.

Alice and Himani at Olive Bistro at T2
Alice and Himani at Olive Bistro at T2
We tried the blueberry cheesecake, the walnut cocoa pie and the simply beautiful caramel creme.

After consuming that much food, we were ready to catch a flight that wasn’t going anywhere. We took a walk nevertheless and stopped at Cafe Indiana where we digested our food with some cutting chai. Of course, even the chai was served with mawa cake, nankhatai and khaki biscuit.

Tea and snacks
Tea and snacks
In all fairness, we had gone all out and stretched ourselves. So, ending the dine-around experience on a sweet note was the right thing to do. The only possibility of a live paan counter is at an airport in Mumbai. The bhaiyya quickly put together two sweet paans for us and we were ready to bid goodbye to T2.

If you aren’t already, do follow me on Instagram where I documented the entire experience live, with videos and mouthwatering pictures.

I love to hear from you, so let me know if you’re headed to the airport and what you’re hoping to eat before you leave the country. I’m eagerly waiting to know what you thought of the dine-around experience at T2 and if you’d like me to document more such activities. Basically, write to me. :*

Photographs: In collaboration with Himani Shah

The Alice Connection

It was November 2008. I was having a Facebook conversation with a new friend. The subject of movies came up. It always does. I confessed that secretly I would like to be called Alice, based on Natalie Portman’s character in Closer.

Natalie Portman as Alice in Closer | fanpop.com

I started this blog 2 years after that conversation. And I knew my pseudonym would be Alice. I also thought of myself as a wanderer. Someone who never stopped discovering and going on adventures.

Alice wandering...
Alice wandering…

People started confusing Alice wandering… with Alice in Wonderland. After a while, I couldn’t be bothered to correct them. Partly because the books have influenced me too. And so much more greatly since I started blogging. So, I became Alice in Wonderland. A wanderer, eating her way through fashion and film.

Alice in Wonderland tea party

And my obsession with all things Alice continues.

Happiness comes from the strangest of sources.

So, I didn’t keep my word. Every now and then, I make promises that I don’t end up keeping.

And I read somewhere the other day that we should talk about what we’ve achieved only after we do rather than when we’re thinking of going about it.

So, I’m going to keep mum for now.

I’ll talk about how I’m feeling inspired instead. And give you the backstory before that.

I was in a car accident this afternoon. Thank God nothing happened to me physically. But that doesn’t discount the mental trauma I went through. I tried to get over it. But it flipped something in my brain, obviously. I was very upset. It brought unpleasant memories to the fore. I cried a little. And then I thought I’d watch a movie. So, I asked for recommendations on my social networks for a pick-me-up movie. I watched the trailers of the recommendations that came in. And I decided to watch Leap Year. At that point, it had not registered with me that the film had been inspired by Jab We Met. Half-way through the film, I realise the similarities between both movies. And that just made me happy. Because I’m a huge huge Imtiaz Ali fan. And obviously, that’s why I was drawn to watch Leap Year. That means I’m consistent with my taste. And there is scope to adapt something you like.

During the movie, I received a phone call. I opened myself up to my friend and spoke about my feelings. I’m smiling after the movie and feeling much better.

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#MTOS | Movie Talk on Sunday | Shakespeare's Film Adaptations

On Sunday (21st June 2015), I’m hosting Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) on Twitter at 8pm GMT.

I’ll post a question every 10 minutes from my Twitter handle (@dhruvis). You can join in the discussion by tweeting your answer beginning with the question number and hashtagging #MTOS.

I’ve chosen to discuss Shakespeare’s film adaptations.

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The Beginning Of An Unsaid Romance

I feel compelled to warn you. This doesn’t end like a film. It is like a film though. And there are references to films. But it doesn’t end like a film. So you can get a tub of popcorn and tissues.

She was in a foreign country and she was finally studying the course she had always wanted to. She was on her own and could have exercised her freedom. But the course was so absorbing, she swapped the partying with sleeping and going out with writing or homework. But as is the case with these things, watching films was part of the course and mandatory for students like her.

Sometimes I think writers like to be loners. They like to brood in their thoughts. They will only make conversation with somebody that intellectually stimulates them. She was no exception.

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