A lot of you get in touch with me for different reasons. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the services I provide. This is for easy reference. It may seem a bit overwhelming. But it really isn’t. Get in touch and let’s work out how I can help you. :-*


Full length articles (for print and digital) | Blogging (Commissioned and for own blog) | Copywriting (for print, television, radio, and web) | All kinds of content creation (including video and photographs) | Scriptwriting (for web, short films, podcasts, and feature films) | Vlogging (Commissioned and for own channel) | All social media content (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Soundcloud) | Original storytelling with performance (any audience size) | Newsletters | Offbeat projects (Talks, Speeches, Presentations)


Web shows (fiction and non-fiction) | VoiceOvers | Short appearances (television and digital)


Business strategy at the concept stage | End to end marketing campaign and execution | Brand identity and development | Brand establishment on social media | Innovative marketing solutions | Advice on media spends


Conceptualisation | Venue finalisation | Menus | Branding | Marketing | Guest listing | Invitations | Execution | Feedback | Follow-ups

If there is anything else you need, we can figure that out too. Send in a query today.