Alice does Dhruvi? The Stateless #Shortreal

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write about this. I’ve been busy (okay, doesn’t work as an excuse), WordPress seemed clunky when my laptop was away (kinda legit). But hey, I’ve gotten down to it.

So… a lot of you already know that I featured in a Stateless Media #shortreal. Stateless Media is an interesting global media company that doesn’t operate out of any one place and experiments with the storytelling form. One of their signature series of films is titled Shortreals. They are short documentary films on real people. And their latest offering is called Dhruvi. Where yours truly appears in and as Dhruvi. I can’t believe I can type that!

Now I’ve been open to people I know about the struggles of being single and the dating chronicles that have followed. I have been dubbed the ‘relationship expert’ or ‘dating queen’ by those around. Fairly so. I’ve written relationship pieces for various publications and on this blog as well. I’ve been meaning to write a memoir on the subject and received a lot of encouragement from my peers. So, it’s not a surprise that I jumped in response to a tweet asking single desi ladies to speak about dating desi men. Duh! It’s practically what my alter-ego does while living.

Following an email exchange after the tweet exchange, I got on a Skype call with Brigette of Stateless Media. She seemed to like my ‘dating story’ from urban India. Before I knew it, I was discussing concepts, shooting schedules, possible locations and creatively collaborating with Peter, the fabulous producer and VP of Stateless, and Kannan, a very accomplished director.

Getting everyone in the same place at the same time was the first hurdle we had to go through. But we managed in the new year of 2017. I remember finally meeting Kannan at his hotel lobby and it being surreal. In a whirlwind of 4 days, including one day of recce and three days of constant shooting, we had the footage for the shortreal, Dhruvi. Even the outtakes are so pretty!

Shooting the interview
Eating thepla on break!
Kannan loving the thepla
Prepping for the first date
Taking a kaali peeli
The cutie who couldn’t stop talking about tofu
The awkward date with this one
Calling my SRK to cheer me up
What should a girl wear?
The girls must be updated about them boys
Checking the frame with Kevin, our sound recordist
One last selfie before the final dates
Wrapping up the Mumbai schedule

After the rollercoaster schedule in Bombay, the footage was sent to an editing suite in LA. When Stateless was happy with the narrative, we released the film online. It’s been a beautiful ride since then.

The reactions have been priceless!

No prizes for guessing why this is my favourite

And so, to answer the question on everyone’s mind, did he call? I can’t tell you yet. But I can tell you that a web series is in the works. Watch this space if you want to see more of where that came from. :*

If you’ve watched the #shortreal, please do leave your comments on your impressions. If you want to collaborate creatively, you know where to find me. Or just say hey!

Love, Dhruvi.