Alice is in the news!

Alice in the news
Alice in the news

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So, friends and relatives have been calling me to congratulate me. And I feel like a total celebrity. Or a ‘VIP’ if you may. Thank you Mahafreed Irani for featuring me in the Times Of India. I think Mahafreed has spoken with us bloggers about something very important. As bloggers, we’ve ventured into this new and dynamic space. And the root has been honesty. To put a face to a name. To explain our actions. To share our opinions. To answer questions we’re asked. To let you readers in on our lives. And to make a difference. Thank you so much for the adulation. Alice hopes to explore wonderland and share her adventures. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Alice is in the news!

  1. Hey congrats Alice! I came across your blog via the TOI article… pretty inspirational one for bloggers.
    Like the colour combinations used in yoru blog… will stay tuned for sure!