Alice’s Authenticook Experience | Finger-licking Delicious

Whether or not you’re a travel buff, call yourself a foodie, or simply love the “local experience”, you have to have to (repetition for emphasis) check out Authenticook.

Authenticook is the brainchild of Aneesh Dhairyawan, Priyanka and Ameya Deshpande. Quite simply, Authenticook allows you the opportunity to share a meal with strangers (albeit as passionate about food as you) prepared by a home chef in their home. When they mean a “local experience”, they deliver a local experience.

I was fortunate enough to taste a Gujarati Rajwadi Jamanwar with Home-chef Jyoti in her cozy home in Sion. In fact, I was so happy to go there as I realised I had crossed Pai Hospital (my place of birth) on the way. Chef Jyoti was extremely welcoming and her son, a budding restaurateur gave us a fun history lesson while we were enjoying the meal. Apparently, the brass silverware we ate in originated in the time of wealthy Gujarati merchants. They would serve a feast in this silverware on special occasions like birth of a child, marriage ceremony in the family, or conquest.

Of course, the menu was finger-licking delicious. See for yourself.

Priyanka quizzed me on what I knew about indigenous cuisines other than my own. Of course, I knew very little. We’re pretty much stuck in the trap of eating the International cuisines available to us in city restaurants or at our disposal when we travel. But being Indian, we haven’t tried a Tamilian Iyengar lunch or a Maharashtrian Brahman jevan. There are several reasons for it, but primarily, it’s the lack of awareness and accessibility thereafter.

Authenticook beautifully bridges this gap and not only takes you into the home of a native Indian family but also makes it comfortable (no awkwardness whatsoever).

What more do you need to know before you request a meal? I’d say log on to the website and do it this weekend!