While Alice is away in LA, Celery has to hob-nob in her place at various fashion dos. Here is some fun stuff happening in Mumbai.

For some, summer is the best time of the year. For someone else, it’s winter. For me, the sale season is the best time of year! To be honest, I seldom end up picking up clothes, shoes or accessories from the sale racks and almost always end up buying from the fresh stock. But the Spykar sale was refreshingly different. Here are top six things that I loved at their sale and reasons why you should head there now!

The neon orange t-shirt

Wear it with casual denim to a movie or dress it with a cream silk scarf for a lunch out, this t-shirt reeks of comfort and style. We love it for its colour that is fun and trendy and the fabric that is soft and durable.


The new-kind of fairy tale

We all know of cliché fairy tales about the princess and the prince, but Spykar does a new take on the concept. Here they have t-shirts printed with red-riding hood, shown in a dark avatar with a super-imposition of the wolf. The prints merge beautifully and the t-shirt is a perfect college gear.


The ultra-light sweater

Mumbai isn’t ever too cold. Barring a few months, the weather here is not meant for sweaters. But this pullover is light and stylish. Even though it comes from the men’s section, any girl can pull it off to movies, chilly restaurants or for a drive. Wear it over well-fitted denims, we say.


Bright pants

Neon pants are a big no-no this season, but these pants in bright-but-not-blaring colours fit the bill perfectly. Spykar has them in various shades for men and women and the best way to wear them is with muted t-shirts or shirts.


Formal/not-so-formal shirt

Wear it on jeans with mojris or tuck it in with trousers, this shirt plays formal and informal both very well. We love the colour and the light embroidery that this shirt carries. A must-have for a working girl.


Play of textures

One thing we loved from their sale is the amazing play of textures available. The men’s t-shirts not only have interesting word play, the prints have everything from velvety feel, rubber embossing, plain texture – again, a college staple.

Desktop themed-gear.

Alice loves the LAVIE 4D Bag!

Alice loves the Lavie 4D bag
Alice loves the Lavie 4D bag

If there’s one thing I should tell you about myself right away, it’s that I love organising tools. In my work bag, you will find a minimum of 5 different pouches suited for different functions. And since I carry my laptop with me, it’s absolutely necessary that everything is neatly compartmentalised. Which is why I was glad to receive the newly launched LAVIE 4D tote. As technologically advanced as it sounds, it is a bag with 4 versatile functions.

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The secret to long hair revealed…


As you know, I’ve been using the #LoveLongHair range for a while. My hair is actually shinier, smoother and untangled after several washes. You can see for yourself the results of using this shampoo and conditioner on my hair.

Garnier Fructis Long & Strong
Garnier Fructis Long & Strong

And now I finally know that the shampoo and conditioner is actually the all new Garnier Fructis Long & Strong! It’s amazing because it’s different from when I’ve used Fructis earlier. This range worked wonders on my hair and I’m sure it will on yours too. Are you going to try it?

A hair care range that makes me #lovelonghair


As I told you the last time, I’m participating in a blind test for a new range of shampoo and conditioner. I have to admit it’s kind of mysterious and exciting to use hair care products, not knowing what brand they are. In just two washes, I could feel my hair smoothening out, shining and smelling divine. I love the fruity essence of the shampoo. I also like that conditioner has a slightly denser consistency than the shampoo and just glides across my hair without seeping into the scalp. I really love long hair and I’m loving the effect of this hair care range. I can’t wait to find out which brand it is and share it with you all.