Just the solution we needed to our skin and hair troubles: Remedico

What’s worse than having skin or hair trouble? Finding a good dermatologist in the city. And it gets tougher from then on. I’ve gone through the grind. Visited dermatologists an hour’s ride away from where I live. Waited in their clinics for several hours. Met with them, felt worse about my skin. Paid huge consultation fees. Been suggested some fancy peels. Bought expensive medicines. Gone back to them for follow ups. Felt good for a while. And then some other concern has popped up. Repeat the grind.

I’m the first to confess that I neglect dermatological issues sometimes because I can’t spare that much time for a doctor’s visit. It really throws everything off schedule.

But guess what? We live in a time and age of technology and innovation. So… *drumroll* Remedico came to my rescue. As much as I’m sounding like a tele products seller or infomercial host, Remedico really is a hassle free solution.

I was going through a bout of acne. And I’ve had a mysterious dark spot on my leg for years. So, I consulted Remedico for a solution. I didn’t have to go nowhere and got my consultation on the commute. All I had to do was log on to www.remedicohealth.com. I selected the skin condition I had, i.e. acne. A simple form popped up.


The best part about this form is that I can access it on my smartphone. I remember filling it out while I was commuting from my place to a meeting. The form had all the necessary questions to make a thorough evaluation. I think this is really smart. Sometimes, doctors forget to ask the important questions and we forget to tell them because everybody is pressed for time.


While filling the form, I just had to take some pictures of my face. There were clear instructions on how to take the pictures. And all I had to do was upload them to the form. It was so simple, quick, efficient and I could do it on-the-go.

Within 24 hours, I received a detailed treatment plan via email. It contained information on the condition, general advice, specific medicinal instructions, and a reminder on when to follow up. I was also relieved to know she was a certified doctor.

Treatment plan for my acne from Remedico

I haven’t even told you the best part yet. You only have to pay Rs 350 for the entire process. Plus you receive daily reminders from Remedico for when you start the treatment plan. They also deliver the medicines to you if you ask them.

If only all doctors were so helpful, right?

Let me know if you get a solution from Remedico? And because I’m so nice, you can avail a discount with this link: bit.ly/remedicoREFER150

*This is not a sponsored post. It’s a genuine review of a service I was introduced to. Do not blindly follow the treatment plan prescribed to me. The image is representative. Get advise for you specific condition. And stay beautiful. 🙂