Like music? Sport a Fusic tee. Answer to win!

Update: Contest closed. Congratulations Himani Shah! You won a Fusic tee. 🙂

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You know celebrities like to sport their love for music on tees. But they sure aren’t the only ones. Our city offers a range to choose from: massive headphones to famous bands. For music lovers though, it’s never enough, is it?

Enter Clinton with Fusic. Born out of Clinton’s passion for design and quest for independence, Fusic is a line of tees that is at best ‘a visual interpretation of music’. He combines his creative and entrepreneurial skills with fine artists’ flair to design graphics and innovate patterns for t-shirts.

The result is release of Volume 1 of Fusic: a range of men’s tees touching on the wired, plugged and spirited rebellion in this digital age of media players. Take a look for yourself at the tees being stocked in medium to extra large sizes.

Plugged from Fusic
Retro Beat from Fusic
Money for Nothing from Fusic

What’s the good news, you ask? You stand a chance to win of these. Leave your answer to this simple question in the comments section.

“How do you listen to your favourite music?”

Alice loves music at night. Just before she goes to sleep, she installs her itouch on the speaker set, switches on a lamp, shuts off everything else and lets the music take over.

Wired from Fusic

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Mute from Fusic

In the future, Fusic promises tops for girls with funky designs, fashion accessories and an online store! They currently retail at select outlets in Mumbai, hoping to increase the number and find a foothold in other cities as well.

They hope to graphically explore the different genres of music, music cultures, music icons, historic musical events, technology that backs music, its own take on music and much more. Sounds exciting!

10 thoughts on “Like music? Sport a Fusic tee. Answer to win!

  1. Love to travel to work , early morning, in a bus and play my music to the rhythm of a city waking up slowly.

  2. Love listening to music while having bath and singing along…:) Bought xmini speakers specially for it…
    Also love to listen to music in traffic nowadays using my new earphones soundmagic PL30.. They cancel out the traffic noise to a great extent..

  3. Well, I listen to music ALL the time.
    From the time I wake up, I listen to peppy tracks on my iPhone 4 to drag me out of my cozy bed. I then play my ‘Dancy’ playlist while I’m showering. (I got speakers attached in the loo too for that reason.) After that I start my day by switching on my iMac and playing my favourite Elvis, Beatles and John Mayer tracks through my Super Awesome Harmon/Kardon’s. Since I have board exams coming up, I spend a lot of time studying so I take song breaks, where I spend a few minutes listening to a track that helps me distress easily. Finally, I sleep listening to some Post-Rock, which is a very soothing genre of music.

    Dear Aaleece, I have just given you a detailed description of how music literally IS my life. I really hope to win the Fusic Tee even though its for boys (I am after all always clad in Dad’s Cast away Valentinos.)

    – Himani

  4. Every mornin I wake up 5 mins early to an alarm tune of GnR..Play some Classic Rock Gems..N dance on my bed..By the time im done head bangin Im fully awake…………

  5. I listen to my favorite music on my Bose iPod dock. And, for the good ol’ CDs, it’s via my TV’s DVD player! Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do when it comes to music 🙂