Of musicians & their tee(s)

Speaking of musicians and their fascination for t-shirts here

On the American television dramedy (comedy/drama) series titled Gilmore Girls, Gil (Sebastian Bach) wears this t-shirt:

Gil | Sebastian Bach

In real life, he is a Canadian Hard Rock singer, also the ex-frontman for band Skid Row.

On the show, Gilmore Girls, he plays a guitarist for cast member Lane’s band, Hep Alien.

Hep Alien | Gilmore Girls

A music lover would probably have instantly recognized the t-shirt.
As it is a classic Fender’s t-shirt lettered Musician: Looking for Groupies.

Fender's Musician t-shirt

You could find it online here

What’s so special about this t-shirt, you ask?

Well, well, who other than I has this t-shirt? 🙂

My Fender's t-shirt
Classic Musician t-shirt

As is usually the case of my good luck, I found the t-shirt at a mall in Bangkok. It was being exported to the showrooms. Hence, I found an original at the cost price. 😛

And boy, did I have fun with it.
Below are some snapshots of my friend and I goofing around while I was wearing the t-shirt.

Goofing around in the Musician tee

Hope you guys liked the post!
If you have a t-shirt you like to sport and spotted it on a tv show or on film, share your experiences in the comments section.

Until then, keep it stylish. Keep it fun!

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

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