Playing Second Fiddle to Alice

Hello everyone!

Usually, when you land on this blog, you’re expecting stories and reviews from Alice. But there’s been a recent addition to Alice’s family. Me! The “new intern” as Alice has dubbed me and I guess it’ll remain that way.

Vidhi Rambhia

My first day at Alice Wandering… was on the 10th of January and Dhruvi was shooting for a short film (wait for it!). On my first day itself, I was introduced to two new people, Kannan (the director) and Kevin (the sound man). Kevin is the mystery man with long hair (tied in a ponytail) and Kannan looks like one of those strict bosses I wouldn’t dare to mess around with. Well, jokes apart, they were all very welcoming and it didn’t even cross my mind that it was my first day on the job.

Kevin, Alice and Kannan shooting for the shortreal

As the shoot for the short film started, I began taking notes (trust me when I say I was taking this very seriously!), and made some boomerangs (of course, Dhruvi had handed her phone to the young intern ;)).

We took a break from the shooting, the crew, Dhruvi, her family and I bonded over lunch.

When we got back to work, I helped Dhruvi style her looks for the next schedule of the shoot.

Just like that, the first day of work ended and I’ll admit, it was quite nice.

I filled you all in on the first day of my internship but I didn’t even tell you how I met Dhruvi and decided to work with her. So, Dhruvi was looking for interns and one of my friends spoke to me about the opportunity. That’s when I decided to meet Dhruvi and figure out if I wanted to take up working with her.

Alice’s call for interns

Our first meeting was quite funny. By the end of our conversation, we had discovered so many mutual connections, friends and relatives! I guess it’s pretty normal if you’re a Bombayite.

She explained the work to me and I happily took up the job. This is going to sound weird. I have my own blog. Now, the question is, if I have a blog of my own, why would I work with another blogger?!

The reason is pretty straightforward. I took up this job to learn and experience new things. Dhruvi has been in this business for years and I want to draw from her experience. As people say, one should never stop learning!

So, here I am, at Alice Wandering…, playing second fiddle to Alice.