Ranbir Kapoor must really like Rocky

First, at a press meet for 3 Idiots, way back in 2009, we spotted cousin sister Kareena Kapoor sporting a t-shirt with a Rocky graphic.

Later, at the launch of People magazine’s sexiest cover, we spotted Ranbir Kapoor in a t-shirt with the Rocky Balboa graphic. He usually likes to pair graphic print tees with leather jackets and denims. More on that in an upcoming post.

Ranbir must really like this t-shirt because he wore it in a pivotal scene in his not-so-great release of 2010, Anjaana Anjaani.
The scene is as follows. Ranbir and Priyanka have pulled into Las Vegas almost broke with enough money to spare for only one motel room. They decide to freshen up before heading out. You see Ranbir pull out his Rocky t-shirt, show his abs (girls were swooning in the theatre) and almost share a kiss with Priyanka.

On an aside, I’m loving the expressions on their faces in these frames. If you’ve watched the film (don’t feel bad if you haven’t), you would have noticed the t-shirt on Ranbir and wondered where you could get something similar.

To which I have to say, ‘don’t worry’. In the city of Mumbai, where Marilyn Monroe queries are responded to with Marilyn Manson products, I found a Rocky Balboa t-shirt. Yay me! Now, you can get it too! At Shoppers’ Stop.

Excuse me for not the amateur product photography. Anyhow, when I saw this t-shirt, I was instantly reminded of two people who are huge Rocky fans. Luckily for me, the t-shirt was available in two colours: white and grey (as pictured above). I couriered one and gift-wrapped and hand-delivered the other. They seemed to like it. 🙂

So, hurry and get yours!

If you’re a fan and looking for a specific t-shirt but running into dead-ends, superDhruvi shall come to your rescue. Simply post the film/artist/band/etc you want on your t-shirt and I shall either locate it or design one. Alternatively, shoot me an email with your requirements and I promise we will work it out. :*

2 thoughts on “Ranbir Kapoor must really like Rocky

  1. I have been looking for a rocky balboa t shirt since years!!!!
    It would be of great help if you could help me with the outlet details where you purchased your t shirt from …