Smile. It’s good for you!

At Sula Vineyards | Photograph : Himani Shah
At Sula Vineyards | Photograph : Himani Shah

Dress – H & M at Evolve | Sunglasses – Zara | Bag – Mango

Sula Vineyards is quickly becoming one of my favourite places for a weekend getaway. And when my sister comes along, it’s a photographing riot. I love posing. She loves clicking. This is one of my favourite pictures from our recent trip to the vineyards. I love how my hair was flying in the wind and I was so happy, it was showing in my smile. You should try it. It’ll do wonders.

Btw, I’m loving florals for the summer. Have you got yours on?

4 thoughts on “Smile. It’s good for you!

  1. Hey! Love what you’re wearing. Perfecttttt for the summers. How do we get H&M clothes delivered? As there is no store in India.

    1. Hey Manasvi. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 I buy H & M clothes at export shops that stock them. Or when I go abroad. Haven’t bought them online yet.

      1. Oh! Where are these export shops located?
        And and and, can we have a Garage Sale soooooooooon?

        1. There’s one called Evolve at Citi Mall, Lokhandwala in Mumbai. Yes, we shall have a garage sale soon. 🙂