Songstress Natania Lalwani’s Prisoner Has Me Rethinking Freedom

I was acquainted with Natania‘s music (Box You Up) before I was acquainted with the lovely girl she is. Her first association with me was that of Mindy Kaling.

Our paths crossed in Los Angeles. And she was kind enough to let me live in her LA home for close to 2 weeks. Of free will, I slept on her couch. And it was more freeing than being imprisoned on a hotel bed.


Natania is one of the strongest, determined, soulful girls I know. She has overcome hardships so beautifully that one forgets she might be affected. Living with her taught me that age is never a bar to chase your dreams. That a free spirit always lends a home to lost souls.

I’ve always obsessed over her music when she has sent me tracks I’ve requested. Her music is so special, everyone deserves to be touched by it.

In a world where music is becoming a sick language, Natania’s melodies are healing me and helping me find my true self.

It’s no surprise then that her latest single, Prisoner has me grooving. It has helped me rid myself of my own trappings.

Watch and listen for yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree. If not now, at some point in your own journey.

I asked Natania 5 quick questions. Here’s our banter.

1. Have you ever visited a famous prison in real life? On holiday or an educational institute took you to see one?
I saw Alcatraz in San Francisco when I was younger on holiday. It was so haunting!

2. If your heart was jailed, what is the first thing you would do for it on being released?
I would give up control and let my heart take the reigns and follow it to places it wants to go to.

3. In a cop-thief situation, who would you rather be? Why?
A thief, isn’t that so much more thrilling?

4. What is it to you to be free?
Being authentic, being truly in touch with who you are and what you want and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

5. What would be your last words before being imprisoned?
I’ll be back! Hasta la vista, baby!