The Alice Connection

It was November 2008. I was having a Facebook conversation with a new friend. The subject of movies came up. It always does. I confessed that secretly I would like to be called Alice, based on Natalie Portman’s character in Closer.

Natalie Portman as Alice in Closer |

I started this blog 2 years after that conversation. And I knew my pseudonym would be Alice. I also thought of myself as a wanderer. Someone who never stopped discovering and going on adventures.

Alice wandering...
Alice wandering…

People started confusing Alice wandering… with Alice in Wonderland. After a while, I couldn’t be bothered to correct them. Partly because the books have influenced me too. And so much more greatly since I started blogging. So, I became Alice in Wonderland. A wanderer, eating her way through fashion and film.

Alice in Wonderland tea party

And my obsession with all things Alice continues.

Always fun discovering another Alice. Thanks Indireads.

Do you know why this blog is called Alice Wandering… I met someone 5 years ago and in order to be mysterious, we picked pseudonyms. Mine was Alice, actually inspired by Natalie Portman in Closer at the time. 2 years later, 3 years ago, when I created this blog, I was more than the pseudonym, secretly I was Alice. An Alice who was wandering through Wonderland. The more I tumbled down the rabbit hole, the more I discovered about myself. Accelerated by the impending doom of marriage. My adventures had to be shared. Thus, we had the name Alice Wandering… Plus, it had a nice ring to it.

A Newlywed's Adventures in Married Land
A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

Last week, I was contacted by someone at Indireads. Some email exchanges and a phone conversation later, I was introduced to the website and a novella to start off with – A Newlywed’s Adventures In Wonderland


Between the blue shores of the Indian Ocean and the white tips of the Himalayas is a land crowded with the rich history and cultures of many peoples. Tapping into the region’s diverse cultures, languages, religions and traditions, Indireads weaves an intricate tapestry of fresh writing voices from the sub-continent, evoking the ethos of the region.

For those who love to read, there are few choices to read light, engaging and fun stories based in South Asia. There is a strong literary tradition, but when it comes to genres like romance, suspense, sci-fi and others, the choices are very limited. Indireads brings the pleasure-reading experience to South Asia.

Conversely, for those who love to write and dream of being a published author, it is difficult to survive in a world of hostility to unsolicited manuscripts and slick-talking newbie publishers promising the world but never being able to get the published work to market. Indireads breaks the model of the traditional publisher to provide the new, upstart writer with a channel where they can push their novellas to the world.

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Bar Hopping: The Little Door

A dreamy Alice
A dreamy Alice
Photographs: Himani Shah
I was first introduced to this Mediterranean pub by a friend on a Sunday evening. A bunch of us girls tried a couple of cocktails and some starters and went back home with some good memories. I was fascinated with the details, the wishing bottles, the coasters, the beer chugging contests, the menu and the “little door”.
The Little Door
The Little Door

An exchange of facebook messages later, I found myself at The Little Door again. Only this time I was in my Alice avatar, ready to pose and pout and review the mocktails, starters and mains.

Potato wedges with sour cream
Potato wedges with sour cream

On speaking with the really tall manager, I discovered that the owners of the place had turned vegetarian for a year or two. In that time, they realised that most bars in the city didn’t have sufficient vegetarian options. Bearing that knowledge, when devising the menu for The Little Door, they focused on the vegetarian section with as much vigour as the non-vegetarian. Which worked out perfectly well for me. The fun menu is divided into three: “from the farmers”, “from the fishermen” and “from the hunters”.

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Alice lusts funky flash drives

The other day, my friend Coop posted this link on my facebook timeline. No prizes for guessing why. Of course the world’s most expensive flash drive had to be a magic mushroom inspired from Alice In Wonderland. After a serious consideration and good laugh, I started looking for funky flash drives in my budget. Not that I need to add to a collection that includes a pink flash drive, an engraved silver one, one that looks like a camera and some regular ones but I looked anyway.

Alice in Wonderland inspired USB drives | via
Alice in Wonderland inspired USB drives | via

How cute are these Alice In Wonderland USB drives I came across on Etsy? Added to my lust list.

Flash drives Its Our Studio offers
Flash drives Its Our Studio offers

So I spoke to my friends over at Its Our Studio for a fix of funky pen drives. I was really pleased with what they had to offer. The tea-pot pen drive, the mix tape USB drive and the beer bottle pen drive were my favourites.

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Queen of Hearts? Putting together pieces from my closet

Tonight I’m attending an Alice In Wonderland theme party that Miss Malini is throwing with Smassh Salon to celebrate the latter’s six month anniversary. I should have been over the moon, considering I love Alice. But mood swings have got in the way. Anyway, I’ve decided to channel the Queen Of Hearts and here’s an ensemble I’ve come up with putting together similar pieces from my closet. You approve? Please leave suggestions in the comments.

Queen of Hearts

A special shout out to my friend and elevated saunterer Sue for this blog. She’s just so good with transforming high fashion looks to wearable fashion. Did I do okay Sue?