3 Fascinating Stories About Embracing Yourself!

Now that you know what has been putting a spring in my step and keeping me up at night with excitement, it’s time to hear the stories of the women that have magically partaken in this journey with me. I asked them 3 very pertinent questions. Their replies were honest, instinctive and had me at hello.

Himani Shah | Photograph: Dhruvi Shah
Himani Shah | Photograph: Dhruvi Shah

Alice:When someone asks, what do you do?, what is your reply?
Himani: I’m a multiplex tycoon. Jk… I work with my dad who owns Gold Cinema, a chain of cinemas across India. Gold takes the multiplex experience to lakhs of people who have never experienced it before. The unique concept not only provides entertainment to 2 & 3 tier towns but also leads to development & urbanisation. Along with this I am also a freelance photographer specialising in portraiture, landscapes & travel photography.

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Always fun discovering another Alice. Thanks Indireads.

Do you know why this blog is called Alice Wandering… I met someone 5 years ago and in order to be mysterious, we picked pseudonyms. Mine was Alice, actually inspired by Natalie Portman in Closer at the time. 2 years later, 3 years ago, when I created this blog, I was more than the pseudonym, secretly I was Alice. An Alice who was wandering through Wonderland. The more I tumbled down the rabbit hole, the more I discovered about myself. Accelerated by the impending doom of marriage. My adventures had to be shared. Thus, we had the name Alice Wandering… Plus, it had a nice ring to it.

A Newlywed's Adventures in Married Land
A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

Last week, I was contacted by someone at Indireads. Some email exchanges and a phone conversation later, I was introduced to the website and a novella to start off with – A Newlywed’s Adventures In Wonderland


Between the blue shores of the Indian Ocean and the white tips of the Himalayas is a land crowded with the rich history and cultures of many peoples. Tapping into the region’s diverse cultures, languages, religions and traditions, Indireads weaves an intricate tapestry of fresh writing voices from the sub-continent, evoking the ethos of the region.

For those who love to read, there are few choices to read light, engaging and fun stories based in South Asia. There is a strong literary tradition, but when it comes to genres like romance, suspense, sci-fi and others, the choices are very limited. Indireads brings the pleasure-reading experience to South Asia.

Conversely, for those who love to write and dream of being a published author, it is difficult to survive in a world of hostility to unsolicited manuscripts and slick-talking newbie publishers promising the world but never being able to get the published work to market. Indireads breaks the model of the traditional publisher to provide the new, upstart writer with a channel where they can push their novellas to the world.

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Introducing Celery

Alice wanders with Celery
Alice wanders with Celery

You know you’re doing something right when a friend reads your blog, comments, encourages and even guest posts for you. You already know Celery but a formal introduction is in order as she partners with me on Alice Wandering… and we take this blog to the moon and you with us. 😀

Sonal Ved
Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved is a camera-shy writer, food critic, vegetarian baker and a blogger at When Harry Met Celery.  After a stint at a popular Mumbai-based tabloid, she is now consulting for bakeries. Buying exotic cheeses in the name of research, taming her kitchen garden, collecting cookie cutters and lunching during ‘work’ hours are her hobbies.

If you wish to write to us about anything, simply fill the form and we promise we’ll get back!

Contact Us
Contact Us

Zee’s Classic Cut festival at PVR | Win couple passes!

I was thrilled to receive this email: “Get ready to be transported to the ‘Golden Era’ of Hindi Cinema! Zee Classic’s ‘The Classic Cut’ Film Festival brings to you 4 evergreen films of Indian Cinema – SHOLAY, DEEWAR, KARZ & SEETA AUR GEETA at PVR theatres in Juhu from 20th to 24th April at 9PM. You are cordially invited to relive the magic of these cult movies on the big screen with friends and family.”

'The Classic Cut' Film Festival
‘The Classic Cut’ Film Festival

For a student of cinema or a cinephile, these films would definitely top the ‘wish-to-watch-on-the-big-screen’ list. And because you all love the movies as much as I do, you get to accompany me to the screenings with a +1. All you have to do is share your favourite dialogue from the movie you wish to watch in the comments section below, on my Facebook page or at my Twitter. And I’ll get back to you with the deets.

See you at the movies!