Introducing Celery

Alice wanders with Celery
Alice wanders with Celery

You know you’re doing something right when a friend reads your blog, comments, encourages and even guest posts for you. You already know Celery but a formal introduction is in order as she partners with me on Alice Wandering… and we take this blog to the moon and you with us. 😀

Sonal Ved
Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved is a camera-shy writer, food critic, vegetarian baker and a blogger at When Harry Met Celery.  After a stint at a popular Mumbai-based tabloid, she is now consulting for bakeries. Buying exotic cheeses in the name of research, taming her kitchen garden, collecting cookie cutters and lunching during ‘work’ hours are her hobbies.

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An apple a day keeps the fun alive

Update (6th October 2011): I spent all of last night looking for Apple wallpapers for no particular reason. I shared one with my sister too. I woke up unwell in the morning and read the words R.I.P. Steve Jobs on a friend’s BBM status. Pretty soon, everyone’s status changed to that. The twitter timeline was brimming with memories, tributes and condolences for the revolutionary man. It’s so strange to know he’s gone. I remembered this post I’d done on my Apple family and so, I’m revisiting. 🙂 He will be missed but he will live on as we enjoy his creations every day.

I really do love ’em Amul advertisements.

As cheesy as it may sound, it was an extremely special day when I received my first iPod. It was a classic beauty of 60 GB. A striking black companion for my every day adventures.

I could now watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode when I was on the train or stream videos of my friends and me.

It wasn’t too much later that dad decided we should have an iMac.

The joys of having a desktop so beautiful and large are immeasurable. Many nights have been spent watching movies. Many days have been spent taking pictures at the photo booth. The sister in fact has a rule. Whoever comes visiting at home must take a picture with her to create a memory.

Pretty soon, we were sending out holiday greetings…

And then before I knew it, I had my very own laptop, a Macbook Pro. 😀
I love daddy dearest for he introduced me to my very own Apple family.

Excuse me for I am engaged in playing with my tech toys.
Could you blame a girl though? With so many of ’em, I’m bound to have some fun!

Are you an Apple geek too? It takes one to know one. 😉