Embrace Yourself: The Start Of Something Wonderful

Everywhere I went, they asked me, “What do you do?” I didn’t know how to answer that. I did so many things. And like Alice, I felt like I would change so many times over.

Dhruvi aka Alice
Dhruvi aka Alice

Then one day, it occurred to me. Who I was was more important than what I did. I was a strong girl when I began, full of thoughts and ideas about the way of life. I felt like I could take on anything. My words were my strength. I considered myself a writer. That was also my reply when someone asked me what I did. But somewhere in time, along the way, I felt I was being defined by words. I was slotting myself into categories. I was either a writer, a stylist, a blogger or a girl waiting to meet a boy. I went into a cocoon. I found comfort hiding behind these titles. I was static. Until one day, my heart started beating really fast. Every conversation I had was with another woman who had found herself. And somehow I was waiting. To break free from the cocoon. And emerge a butterfly. A happy creature with wings that could lift any weight on my shoulders. I came into my own and was truly my best self. I feel like that even now. Lighter, free and ready to take on the world. Almost as if my whole life has been a preparation for this very moment. Where I can put my best self forward and vibe on the same frequency as others.

I know there are many more who feel this way. And so, with this post, I am kick-starting a campaign. ‘Embrace yourself‘ is an all inclusive collaboration of cross-cultural and multi-faced creators who have one primary goal. To come into their own and give back to society and the world at large.

I have already embarked on this venture with a hugely talented and diverse set of women. I am going to trace their individual journeys for you. Keep reading until the end for a surprise. Continue reading Embrace Yourself: The Start Of Something Wonderful

Win spa vouchers from Spiritzzz and attend a Summer Soleil

Spiritzzz... Adding to your lifestyle
Spiritzzz… Adding to your lifestyle

Some time ago, a store called Spiritzzz got in touch with me. It was rather interesting because they believe your shopping experience should be combined with a pampering session. The store offers not only ready-made apparel, jewellery and accessories but also a hair and make-up studio. While you shop from a wide range of dresses, tops, tunics, jumpsuits and the like, you could get a haircut, blow-dry, hair spa, foot spa or face rejuvenation treatment. Now that’s something I’m willing to try. Aren’t you? Especially since the store is giving away vouchers to 3 of you lucky readers this month. One is for a hand spa, the other for a foot spa and yet another for a facial treatment. It’s simple. Write to me (in the comments below) explaining what it is about shopping that makes you want to pamper yourself. The best answers win. 🙂

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Inspired! Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Fragrance Collection for Women

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance #4
Alice's pick | Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance #4 | Photograph: Himani Shah

Alice Wandering… was invited to a bloggers’ meet organised by Ralph Lauren to introduce their Big Pony fragrance collection for women before it hits the Indian market. I would’ve probably missed it since I was attending a screenwriting workshop but my sister came to the rescue. She went for it and told me all about it. I was so impressed and inspired by the collection and what she had to say, I  just had to share it with all of you.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection for Women
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection for Women

The Big Pony Collection for Women is a series of four fragrances embracing dynamic femininity. It explores four vital attributes; Sporty, Sensual, Free-Spirit and Style. All four colorful fragrances are bright, playful, energizing and set upon a floral backdrop. Based on a duo of ingredients, each fragrance pops with a unique accent of Citrus, Fruit, Green or Oriental to establish a clear identity with a distinctive twist.

Himani tries out the fragrances
Himani tries out the fragrances

To help you pick the right fragrance of the four, Ralph Lauren has set up a quiz at http://lifeincolorquiz.com/

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