Alice does Dhruvi? The Stateless #Shortreal

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to write about this. I’ve been busy (okay, doesn’t work as an excuse), WordPress seemed clunky when my laptop was away (kinda legit). But hey, I’ve gotten down to it.

So… a lot of you already know that I featured in a Stateless Media #shortreal. Stateless Media is an interesting global media company that doesn’t operate out of any one place and experiments with the storytelling form. One of their signature series of films is titled Shortreals. They are short documentary films on real people. And their latest offering is called Dhruvi. Where yours truly appears in and as Dhruvi. I can’t believe I can type that!

Now I’ve been open to people I know about the struggles of being single and the dating chronicles that have followed. I have been dubbed the ‘relationship expert’ or ‘dating queen’ by those around. Fairly so. I’ve written relationship pieces for various publications and on this blog as well. I’ve been meaning to write a memoir on the subject and received a lot of encouragement from my peers. So, it’s not a surprise that I jumped in response to a tweet asking single desi ladies to speak about dating desi men. Duh! It’s practically what my alter-ego does while living.

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Fashion for all | Shahid Kapoor

At Filmfare, we carry this page titled Instant Copy

Because everyone has a little fun when they see
more than one person wearing the same outfit

What is even more fun for me though
Is to randomly snap my friends, family and people off the street
Wearing an item of clothing previously seen on a celebrity

So, at a Filmfare photo shoot, I was taking behind the scenes photographs.
Shahid Kapoor was talking about his recent trip to Bangkok.
He had picked up funky t-shirts from Bangkok and preferred
To wear them for the shoot because a personal touch
Always adds to the styling. Don’t you agree guys?

Well, a couple of months later, I spotted him wearing one of the t-shirts
To a promotional event for his upcoming film then, Paathshala

Here’s the page from Filmfare.

Instant Copy | Shahid Kapoor

For the behind the scenes video shoot of the Filmfare cover shoot.
(That I recorded and colleague edited :-))

And after the press screening of Cats & Dogs,
a friend tagged me along to a gig at Firangi Paani.
The band Zedde was performing.

And here’s what we snapped of the lead vocalist and guitarist.

Zedde Live | Firangi Paani
In the Shadows | Zedde

Pretty cool, eh?
Although the t-shirt seems to carry a common graphic print,
I love the feel of it.
Shall locate it online for you guys. xoxo

And, now, time for a fun poll.

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Signing off now. Keep it fun and filmy. Keep it stylish. Mwah.

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah