Independence Day | Freedom

What is freedom to you?

The idea changes every day, every month, every year…
When you’re younger, your dreams and hopes are alive
Don’t let time and age tarnish your personal goals
Be what you set out to be
There is no final destination
It’s the journey (through the rabbit hole) that is enriching

My most favourite freedom advertisement is:

What is your favourite freedom advertisement, clip, any form of media?
Please share in the comments section.

And of course, Happy Independence Day!

I love the Google tribute. Again. 🙂

To my surprise, I was up as sharp as the clock struck 9.
My teachers would have been proud.
My sister attended the flag hoisting ceremony at school.
While I discussed the press coverage with my parents. 😉

Friday the 13th

Freaky Friday the 13th anyone?

Last week at Landmark, I picked up L. Frank Baum’s classic tale The Wizard of Oz. I just felt a stirring need to reread it.

Treasure trove of goodies!
The Wizard of Oz | L. Frank Baum

So, 13/08/2010 happened to be the
71st anniversary of the MGM production of The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz turns 71

Google paid a nice tribute in celebration of the event.

I love these co-incidences. Wizardry, witchcraft and signs are what I live for.

Needless to say, reading the book is going to be an enjoyable experience.
Shall post about it soon enough.

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah