A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

I know you’ve had this fantasy for a while. You’ve been dreaming that the shoe you lost has turned into a glass slipper and Prince Charming is on his way to fit you right back into it. No? Oh, I must be narrating my own wish then. When I scheduled a visit to the newly opened Heel & Buckle store at Palladium, I had no clue what adventure I was in for.

Heel & Buckle
Heel & Buckle

All photographs: Himani Shah

At Heel & Buckle
At Heel & Buckle

This charming old world shop is easy to spot on the last level. Entering it is like walking in to a fairy tale. You half expect a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand. The store attendants (who I think double up as Cinderella’s helpers after hours) greet you and ask if they may help you. When you’re done feasting on the Pazzion and Paco Gil collection, you may ask them to get your size in the pair you would like to try.

Look! The shoe I've been missing
Look! The shoe I’ve been missing
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats

I was so fascinated with the process I’m about to describe. Continue reading A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

The yard sale!

The yard sale started off with another sighting in the press. It was a huge spread in the Mid Day.
(dated 17th December, 2010) Read it here: Mid Day article online

All our apprehensions and anxiety were put to rest with the response.
We encountered enthusiastic customers, foreign buyers, media persons and it was a whole lot of fun.

You can relive the experience through the pictures:

From the Rabbit Hole: A court'yard sale'
Rashmi showing accessories

As you already know, me (Dhruvi of Alice Wandering), Aastha (of Indian Summer), Karishma (of Purple Peep Toes) and Samidha (of Street Style) were parting with clothes, shoes, bags and books from our wardrobe. In addition, we had Rashmi (who sells at Azure in Khar) with accessories on display.

Happy shoppers
Alice's space
Happy shopper

Day 1 was quite an adventure. It was a smooth ride though because I had my mum (an experienced fashion designer) and my sister (a pro salesgirl) helping me. We had a sweet couple buying a couple of things from us. The boy, while paying, reminded us that he could avail a 10% discount since he had come with a friend. He even offered to tweet. 🙂 For the record, everyone who came with a friend was entitled to their 10% discount.

From the Rabbit Hole: A court'yard sale'
Aastha of Indian Summer
Salonee of She Sells

Day 2 had its own highlights. A lady who was picking up stuff for her daughter made many purchases from us. Salonee (of She Sells) made an appearance. 🙂 We had a lot of people offering to sell their old stuff. They were quite impressed with our managerial skills. 🙂 It was definitely encouraging. Aastha and I plan to whip up something soon.

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah, Aniruddha Guha

Aastha of Indian Summer

One of our happy shoppers, Anamika was very excited about the clothes she picked up from me. At the yard sale, she shared her enthusiasm with Aastha. She has been kind enough to send me pictures of herself. Check her out in the baby pink tunic.

We obviously wouldn’t have had so much fun if the people at Bliss hadn’t opened up their courtyard to us or been so supportive. Those of you who checked out the store at the yard sale ended up buying so many things from them. They’re just darling. It’s a work in progress but you may just see Alice’s stuff at Bliss in the coming future. Watch this space.