#NowListening to Khoya Khoya Chand

Shaitan film still
Shaitan film still
@R_Khanna and @MissMalini
@R_Khanna and @MissMalini

The other day, I was covering Mikey, the music producer’s party for MissMalini. I had some clue that he had produced the remixedย Khoya Khoya Chand (the song) that appears in Shaitan. But I had no idea I would be coming back home with it. Also, I found out how the song came to be and that Sony Music India had released it as a single. To read the full story, check out my piece on MissMalini.com What’s even more exciting is that Rahul Khanna and MissMalini both love the track! That brought a tweet from Rahul Khanna my way. Yay!

Obviously, I’ve been ODing on the song. You know, it’s the kind you want to listen to sipping a glass of wine on a rainy day.

Biguine invited bloggers for beauty regimes :)

Jean Claude Biguine Fashion Bloggers' Meet

So, Jean Claude Biguine is taking fashion bloggers seriously. A bunch of us were invited for a workshop on beauty and hair tips for the summer. It wasn’t all serious business though. We indulged in wine, food and pampering sessions. This time around, I thought I’d try the mini manicure. I picked a bold purple colour. I’d met Aastha earlier in the day to discuss the upcoming yard sale. And she wanted a mini mani too. We were like girls right out of a tv show, spending an evening chatting over manis. MissMalini and Sue were there too! ๐Ÿ™‚ We met girlyhour. And it’s really funny when you finally meet people you’ve been interacting with through blogs, emails and technology. Sonu and Jasleen from Fashion Bombay were there. It was a lot of fun talking to so many different people. Hoping for more fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

Aastha getting a mini manicure

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Alice bustles with Bollywood on MissMalini

So, it goes like this… I used to follow Malini’s show on college radio way back in the day. I logged on to said radio channel’s website and left her a sweet comment to which she instantly replied. As I graduated from college and started working, radio was replaced with the ipod. I don’t know when and how I rediscovered Malini on her blog. I was hooked on toย MissMalini.com

As they say, one thing always leads to another… So, here we are. Alice has too much Bollywood bustling in her and hence will be contributing to MissMalini.com Look for Dhruvi Shah’s film reviews, sneak peeks and bubbling Bollywood blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

I chose to start with recognizing the achievement of a superstar wife:ย Sussanne Roshan, superstar Wife/Interior Designer

You like?

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Of blogs and contests | Sweet endings

When I logged on to facebook a couple of weeks ago, I discovered I had won a contest on girlyhour.com I was really happy, simply at the thrill of winning a contest. From previous experience (remember I won the HT Anjaana Anjaani contest and they wouldn’t take me to the Kingdom of Dreams?) hmph one isn’t always sure they’ll be rewarded with what they’re promised.

So, I’d tried my luck at a contest on missmalini.com If you posted a picture of yourself cooking in your kitchen, you stood a chance to win a Rs 1000 voucher + a glass of wine at the Versova branch of Mia Cucina.

So, yes, I did win. I had the liberty to pick a date and they would make a reservation. Fortunately for us, the day we picked co-incided with a wine tasting at the restaurant.

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