Tantrums you can afford to have!

In an interview with young, beautiful and talented Niharika Jolly – owner and lead designer at Tantrum shoes, we find out what her brand is all about and how she comes up with amazing shoe names each time an idea strikes her!

Owner Niharika

What are Tantrum shoes all about?

Lace, feathers, flowers, jewels and bows! I want my brand to be a one-stop destination for anyone looking for ballerinas. Ballerinas are often seen as basic daily wear shoes. With Tantrum, we’ve tried to change that mindset. We’d like people to wear our shoes for special occasions and most importantly we want people to look down at their shoes and feel beautiful.

How did you start out?

Personally, now that I think about it, I started it on a total whim. Today, I don’t know whether I’d have the guts to just go out and start something without a business plan, strategy etc.

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Timescity Gourmet week from July 15-21, 2013

gourmetweek_banner (2)

TimesCity, a popular destination that has so far helped us explore restaurants, nightlife, events and movies, is all set to hold it’s first ever Gourmet Week from July 15-21, 2013. The event taking place in three cities in the country – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, gives foodies a chance to dig in without burning a hole in their pocket.

With an expansive choice of cuisines ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Indian, gourmands can explore platters from around the world at select Times Food Award winning restaurants.

To give you a taste of these, the curators have worked closely with chefs of these restaurants and have crafted up a menu that highlights 3 best dishes from each menu, starting at Rs 750 per person.

We tried the menu at Cafe Zoe and came home pleasantly satisfied for Rs 1200 per head. Here is a look at what our first course looked like.


To book a table and for more information, log on to http://timescity.com/


Seventeen and Done! Alice chats with author Vibha Batra

Seventeen and Done
Seventeen and Done

It’s a funny story of how Vibha and I got in touch. But read about the book and our chat here:

What’s Seventeen and Done about?

Rinki and her wolf pack (that’s how she thinks of Robin and Sudha) are back in action! And they have company. In the form of Google (Mr. Know It All. ‘If I don’t know something, chances are neither does the search engine’) and Adit (Mr. Goody Two Shoes. ‘Life is short. Study hard’). At last, Rinki has her wish. She has two boys fighting over her, er, mostly with her.

Meanwhile, Rinki’s brand new grandmother, Mausiji, is raising hell at home. Her Dad, lucky fellow, is away in Coimbatore. And it’s all up to Rinki to cool tempers down. Mom and Mausiji are always on each other’s throat. And so are Google and Adit. Aiyyo aiyyo.

At school, things are no better. Board Exams are looking large and the Princy is making her feel smaller than ever. Her grades are shrinking and her waistline is growing. Tuition classes are keeping her up at unearthly hours and the syllabus is putting her to sleep. Her gym routine is like her love life. Non-existent. For the very same reason. With all the madness, where’s the time?

School life is about to get over. But not before things get a lot more crazy. Read the next installment in the Rinki series and discover why turning seventeen is no walk in the park!

Penguin Inked
Penguin Inked

Seventeen and Done has been published under the Penguin Inked arm:

Inked is a hip new imprint from Penguin Books India with a focus on the best writing for teens and young adults.

Who is Vibha Batra?

Movies (the soppier the better). Meals (think unlimited South Indian thaalis). Mad sitcoms (compulsive viewing, season 1-100). Just a few things that make Vibha happy. In addition to mails (the gushing kinds) from readers, of course. She wants to keep writing till her last breath (or carpal tunnel sets in, whichever comes first). She wants to win an Oscar for Best Original Song. (Best Adapted Screenplay for any of her books will do just fine too). She was last sighted at a quaint café in Chennai, hunched over the laptop, writing away like a woman possessed.

Vibha Batra
Vibha Batra

Alice’s conversation with Vibha:

Dhruvi Shah: Even from your bio and what little I’ve read of the book, you’re largely influenced by pop culture. I believe we all are to a certain extent. How do you incorporate that in your writing?

Vibha Batra: Hey, I’m trying to have fun with it. Keeping an eye out, ear to the ground, tongue firmly in cheek. I suppose it’s a case of ‘If you can’t run away, run with it’.

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Alice and Celery’s Spa Date at Richfeel Spa

Nothing better than a Ranbir Kapoor sighting, a spa date with your favourite girl and a vegetarian steak tasting on your day off!

Alice & Celery's spa date
Alice & Celery’s spa date

Celery and I had been planning a spa date for a while. When we heard Richfeel – the d-tox spa had opened in Breach Candy, we had to check it out. I picked evening as the time to go because I’m too busy sleeping and finishing work during the day. It turned out that an evening massage was just what we needed. It relaxes you in time for a light meal and puts you to bed right after.

Richfeel Spa Menu
Richfeel Spa Menu

I’m not a fan of oil massages. I prefer cream massages or dry massages. Although the Richfeel spa has 4 spacious rooms with individual shower/steam areas, I was in the mood for something dry. I opted for the Refloxology – Dry Therapy. Continue reading Alice and Celery’s Spa Date at Richfeel Spa

Bar Hopping: The Little Door

A dreamy Alice
A dreamy Alice
Photographs: Himani Shah
I was first introduced to this Mediterranean pub by a friend on a Sunday evening. A bunch of us girls tried a couple of cocktails and some starters and went back home with some good memories. I was fascinated with the details, the wishing bottles, the coasters, the beer chugging contests, the menu and the “little door”.
The Little Door
The Little Door

An exchange of facebook messages later, I found myself at The Little Door again. Only this time I was in my Alice avatar, ready to pose and pout and review the mocktails, starters and mains.

Potato wedges with sour cream
Potato wedges with sour cream

On speaking with the really tall manager, I discovered that the owners of the place had turned vegetarian for a year or two. In that time, they realised that most bars in the city didn’t have sufficient vegetarian options. Bearing that knowledge, when devising the menu for The Little Door, they focused on the vegetarian section with as much vigour as the non-vegetarian. Which worked out perfectly well for me. The fun menu is divided into three: “from the farmers”, “from the fishermen” and “from the hunters”.

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