Circle of love- Patchi, Palladium review


Forest Gump’s mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get. But if you are at this store, there is little to worry about!  With a strong presence internationally, Patchi, the worldwide renowned chocolate brand finally launched its 2nd boutique in Mumbai at the Palladium mall. Much to our delight.

Located at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, the 450 Sq. feet store is a sweet haven with a wide array of chocolate collection.

Patchi Store

During our visit to this pit-stop, we picked out top ten things we LOVED about the store. Here they are:

1) Birth announcers – Nothing shows that you are celebrating more than a scrummy box of chocolates. To help you do that Patchi has come up with a line of chocolates that is especially for new parents. The range includes chocolates wrapped in cutesy wrappers in vibrant colours and lovely embellishments. While there is pink for the girls and blue for the boys, the store is happy to customise the wrappers for you.


2) Bespoke wrappers: Talking about customizing, we LOVED that Patchi has a huge range of chocolate wrappers one can choose from. How often does a brand think about so much detail? We adore the cute-little pictures and drawings on wrappers, the birds and shapes. One is definitely likely to find at least a handful of wrappers that suit their occasion.


3) More than chocolates: Apart from being an ace chocolate store, the showroom also has amazing home decor items to choose from. Limited but enough to glam up a boring zone in your home. You can pick from vases, bowls, chalices, show-plates. What’s more? You can get them to fill these up with chocolates too, in case gifting is on your mind.


4) Something for everyone!: One item that we absolutely adored at this store is the dark chocolate box that had something for everyone. One box is good for the family, as it packs in 55, 70 and 80 % cocoa levels.


5) Bridal wrappers: If you are a finicky bride and want your wedding chocolates to be as dressy as you, then this is a place to shop from. Patchi does fantastic chocolate cases that are dressed in various hues with many colours, styles, studs, etc – to fit every ceremony.


6) Chocolate lolly pops: Who would have thought of that? We love the store for it’s unique thinking. While the rest of chocolatiers are basking in chocolates alone, Patchi has come up with chocolate lolly pops that are not too sweet, yet delicious so your kids can chomp them off!


7) Sugar-coated almonds: This one makes up for a perfect festive treat. All you have to do is empty these sugar-coated dry fruits in a serving bowl or a plate and let your guests nibble endlessly.


8) Diamond-crusted photo frame: Rushed to a new born’s party and don’t know what to pick? Along with boxes of chocolates, you can gift this frame that looks chic, classy and can fit any decor theme.


9) Gold bar: As a child, we remember eating gold chocolate coins, so this bar made us nostalgic. Taste-wise the chocolate is uber creamy, with high cocoa notes and melts quickly the moment it hits the roof of your month. It is ideal to gift for weddings, graduation parties and anniversaries.


10) Chocolate crispies: Nothing beats the joy of chomping off wafers coated with yummy chocolate. Apart from loose chocolates, Patchi also does pre-packaged boxes which includes chocolate dipped orangettes, mints, chocolate bars, etc. But our pick is the chocolate wafer that is thin, crispy and tastes oh-so-good.


Address: Patchi, 3rd floor, boutique No T22B, Palladium, Phoniex Mall, Mumbai

Tel: +91-22-67499090

A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

I know you’ve had this fantasy for a while. You’ve been dreaming that the shoe you lost has turned into a glass slipper and Prince Charming is on his way to fit you right back into it. No? Oh, I must be narrating my own wish then. When I scheduled a visit to the newly opened Heel & Buckle store at Palladium, I had no clue what adventure I was in for.

Heel & Buckle
Heel & Buckle

All photographs: Himani Shah

At Heel & Buckle
At Heel & Buckle

This charming old world shop is easy to spot on the last level. Entering it is like walking in to a fairy tale. You half expect a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand. The store attendants (who I think double up as Cinderella’s helpers after hours) greet you and ask if they may help you. When you’re done feasting on the Pazzion and Paco Gil collection, you may ask them to get your size in the pair you would like to try.

Look! The shoe I've been missing
Look! The shoe I’ve been missing
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats

I was so fascinated with the process I’m about to describe. Continue reading A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

Business meeting | Pleather bags | Sula

Aastha (of Indian Summer)  & I had a meeting scheduled at the Sula Vineyards office. Since it was very close to the Palladium, we couldn’t resist checking out the various sales.

We had a nice, quick lunch at the Indigo Deli. They should be offering me a loyalty card because I pay them a visit every month and sometimes, thrice in the same month. Anyway, you must try their potato, corn and jalapeno burger. It’s really filling and delicious. I had a lemon and mint slush as an accompaniment.

Photograph: Aastha Atray

Sunglasses – Mango at G7 mall, Versova, Mumbai | Dress – Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand | Tights – Platinum Mall, Bangkok | Bag – Platinum Mall

We both ended up carrying pleather bags. While I had bought mine in Bangkok, she bought hers at Lokhandwala in Mumbai. Pleather bags are great to carry to meetings and have enough pockets to organize your stuff.

Photographs: Aniruddha Guha

The meeting went off well. Aniruddha Guha dropped in and clicked our pictures. We’re really excited to collaborate again and bring “From the rabbit hole: A vine’yard’ sale” to Sulafest ’11. One more reason for you people to join in.

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