Texting Is Taking Over Our Lives & The Art Of Conversation Is Dying!

I was originally going to write this blog for Floh, and I’ve been thinking about it/mulling over it for a while. And suddenly, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to churn it out here for all you loyal readers.

I think I’ve enjoyed good conversations with boys ever since I was a teenager. In fact, in my late teens and early twenties, my ‘boy friends’ often dubbed me as ‘one of the dudes’. I could talk to them about movies, computers, technology, ‘girls’, travelling, everything under the sun, except cricket (I just can’t wrap my head around it despite several attempts).

I remember the day I acquired a cellphone. It was 2001, an evening in November, the 21st, to be precise, 4 days before my 13th birthday (?). I was not new to cellphones, I just hadn’t had my own before. That fateful night, without having activated the ‘9 to 9 scheme (Indian millennials know what I’m referring to)’, I had spent 6 hours of the night on the phone. Of course, the bill that ensued at the end of the month, ensured my postpaid connection be cut off for years to come, allowing me a reasonably allocated prepaid account.

If one thing hasn’t changed since I was 13, it’s the fact that I. Love. Talking. On The Phone.

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Love it. Put a badge on!

My affection for badges is no secret. Single badges, regular and button have found their way to my shopping bag every holiday. Badge packs, in plenty sit at my desk. Assortments of badges are gift wrapped for dear ones. It is known, bags will be decorated with badges in my spare time.

It is only natural then that I would be google surfing button badges.

Wouldn’t the Toy Story 3 badges go perfectly with the theme of my bag?

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Pack of cards | Alice

Postcards from Oxford

Alice wandered to Alice’s shop
And found a pack of cards
She built a card castle of relationships
She played with Kings and Queens of her kingdom

You're nothing but a pack of cards!

The cheshire cat taught her how to grin
The madhatter tricked her into almost accepting defeat
The red queen wanted to be ‘off with her head’
But it was the white queen she had most fun playing with

And she asked all those living in her kingdom
Would they bow to the queen of hearts?
Or fight the ace of Spades?

These are the answers she received.

She even asked her friends on the BlackBerry Messenger
They were quick to responded
She tabulated their answers as below

Her best friend akin to the rabbit confessed
While playing the game of hearts, the black queen
Had brought upon many a nightmares

The gore of the Ace of Spades hadn’t escaped Alice either

Ace of Spades | Scare

On reading more, she found
The ace of spades was also referred to as the ‘death card’
It was all a dream
She thought to herself

Alice | Dreams | Nightmares

And was off to sleep again…

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

Photographs – Oxford: Himani Shah

Birthday cards | Saif Ali Khan

A big happy birthday shout-out to Saif Ali Khan.
He’s an actor I have grown to like over the years.
With Love Aaj Kal, I have simply become a fan.

At the press screening, he greeted us at the entrance.
He’d overheard the conversation we were having while crossing the street.
He’s sharp like that.

I’d worn my custom-made Chor Bazaari inspired kurta.
Apparently, theme dressing for screenings is my thing.
But I’m more than happy to do it. 🙂

In all this Love Aaj Kal ness…

Look what I came across while reading the GQ.
I had loved his cover shoot. The pictures were so in sync with a fab interview.
I have a soft spot for the particular picture listed below.
You’re going to find out why very soon.

Meanwhile, do take the poll. Either on twitter or here.

Saif Ali Khan | Castle of cards
Saif Ali Khan | Relationships are fragile

I dig Saif Ali Khan’s style.
With the help of colleagues,
I have answers to so many questions.
I shall go through the archives to link you to some fun style interviews.

Until then, as a tribute to Love Aaj Kal (one of my top rated films),
the original Chuck Taylor Converse shoe (my top rated footwear),
and luck favoured shopping sprees,
a DIY shopping escapade for your eyes only…

Saif Ali Khan | Shopping
Saif Ali Khan | DIY shopping

If there is a look you really like and want to recreate for yourself,
or you’re looking for a personal shopper to understand your references,
you know I can be of service to you, just leave a comment or contact me via email 🙂

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah