Alice is back! In the news too.

Hello lovely people,

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. But it’s only because I’ve been so busy. Thanks for sticking around.

In fact, I even travelled to Delhi for a friend’s wedding and arrived in Mumbai only this morning. Blog on that coming soon. 🙂

But before we talk of anything else, I have to share an article on ‘From The Rabbit Hole‘ that appeared in the Sunday Express supplement Eye. I love coming back to good news. 😀

Sunday Express - Eye - 10th July 2011
Sunday Express - Eye - 10th July 2011
Sunday Express - Eye - Pg. 15 | 10th July 2011
Sunday Express - Eye - Pg. 15 | 10th July 2011

I know so many of you have been asking when the next garage sale is. We promise one at the end of this month! Also, we’re welcome to any feedback or queries you may have. Just email us at and

Of course, to know what’s going in Alice’s Wander-land, just follow her on twitter: @dhruvis, like the facebook page and of course, visit the blog.

Much love to all of you! Mwah

Alice shares some secrets in the press on hosting garage sales

Cash In Your Closet
Cash In Your Closet

I woke up this morning to messages from a very excited friend, “You’re in the papers again!” I’m not going to lie. It does feel good. Every couple of days, I’ll meet a friend, relative or acquaintance and they’ll congratulate me on all the press. Some people actually recognize me from the papers, which is another thrill. And of course, everyone asks, ‘When’s the next garage sale?’ Aastha and I are loving how ‘From The Rabbit Hole’ is growing and we’re going to try to have them once in every two months for sure. Until then follow Alice’s adventures on this blog, like the facebook page for updates and follow me on twitter for all that can be said in 140 characters. If you’re interested in contributing to the next garage sale or hosting it, email us at and So, are you enjoying this new wave of garage sales in the city?

Alice is in the news!

Alice in the news
Alice in the news

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So, friends and relatives have been calling me to congratulate me. And I feel like a total celebrity. Or a ‘VIP’ if you may. Thank you Mahafreed Irani for featuring me in the Times Of India. I think Mahafreed has spoken with us bloggers about something very important. As bloggers, we’ve ventured into this new and dynamic space. And the root has been honesty. To put a face to a name. To explain our actions. To share our opinions. To answer questions we’re asked. To let you readers in on our lives. And to make a difference. Thank you so much for the adulation. Alice hopes to explore wonderland and share her adventures. Stay tuned!

To be covered in the press is a wonderful feeling

So, I wake up this morning to tons of emails (occupational hazard). When you live with a Blackberry (it’s an entity by itself) every digital notification makes its way to you. So did this one. Someone very sweet had written on our Facebook page (From the Rabbit Hole) wall.

Just read the feature in HT Cafe!!! When’s the next sale?? 🙂

So, I jumped out of bed, texted Aastha, found the details and saved this article for our viewing.

HT Cafe: March 6 2011 | Page 6

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