Wait. Breathe. Read. Now Join Me In This Journey To Embrace Yourself.

I’ve often heard that what sets apart children from adults is their innocence and worldview. They are not corrupted by practicality and a way of life that caters to adults. They do what their heart desires. They dream without any limits. And they don’t wear masks.

I have always been open about how I feel. And in a recent conversation with an admirable woman, I learnt about the legacy she wants to leave behind. She said she wanted to be remembered as honest and kind. In that spirit, I have written a micro story on Instagram today.

I want to tell you a story. Of a girl just like Alice. It was 6 years ago. She had a pretty pink bow in her hair and she was happy. She was in love. With a boy who took this photograph of her. She thought she would never find love again because they went their separate ways. It took 6 long years. For her to realise she had found love again. Only this time it wasn’t a boy. It was spring and she was in love. With the weather, the colour pink and most importantly, life. She had chosen to embrace everything about herself. And she was truly happy being who she was. She was in love. She was her best self. The little girl, like Alice, had grown up! She still wore a floral tiara but her heart was golden like the sun. ❤️

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I want to take you along on the journey as I find myself in this new avatar. And show you how you could embrace yourself too. Will you join me? Double tap on Instagram, shout out to me on any social media platform, leave a comment below. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. :*

3 Fascinating Stories About Embracing Yourself!

Now that you know what has been putting a spring in my step and keeping me up at night with excitement, it’s time to hear the stories of the women that have magically partaken in this journey with me. I asked them 3 very pertinent questions. Their replies were honest, instinctive and had me at hello.

Himani Shah | Photograph: Dhruvi Shah
Himani Shah | Photograph: Dhruvi Shah

Alice:When someone asks, what do you do?, what is your reply?
Himani: I’m a multiplex tycoon. Jk… I work with my dad who owns Gold Cinema, a chain of cinemas across India. Gold takes the multiplex experience to lakhs of people who have never experienced it before. The unique concept not only provides entertainment to 2 & 3 tier towns but also leads to development & urbanisation. Along with this I am also a freelance photographer specialising in portraiture, landscapes & travel photography.

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A story each from 9 cities across the world that stock Hard Rock Cafe glasses

Margarita glass | HRC Pattaya | Photo: Salonee Gadgil
Margarita glass | HRC Pattaya | Photo: Salonee Gadgil

Circa 2009, while on a junket in Pattaya, it seemed I was doomed. I was either breaking my back and camera, losing money and phone credit or seemingly all alone on a film set. When the schedule had wrapped up, the crew had flown out and I was one of two people from the unit still at the hotel, we decided to let the last night act as saving grace. A recce of the main street later, I was pointing at the Hard Rock Cafe hotel and hearing myself say, “Let’s sing along, get some grub and make a night to remember.” 15 minutes later, seated at a table with the right view of the local band’s performance, I was ready to order a margarita. The fine print said I could order a souvenir glass from the rock shop. I was thrilled. After the date, I wasted no time in letting the one who took me out buy me my first Hard Rock Cafe collectible. Stored in a brown paper box, I literally clutched it on the flight and all the way back home. Little did I know, in 3 years, I would be flaunting a collection, looking for photographers to shoot it and sampling the new menu at the local Hard Rock Cafe.


I’m so pleased with the way the shoot turned out. Every day I’m going to update this post with a story and a picture of a glass (shot by Salonee Gadgil of www.bellyfirst.wordpress.com) . Soon, you’ll know 9 stories, 1 each on collecting Hard Rock Cafe glasses from across the world. Promise to follow?

Also coming up: A tasting of the new menu at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai. 🙂