Two ways with one shoe

Alice says: This Celery is such a tease. In her introduction, we couldn’t see her face as she hid behind the camera. And now we’ll only see her feet. One day, we’ll get her to pose. One day. 😛

Even though I mainly jabber about food on this website, occasionally even fashion excites me. Especially if it comes in the form of new shoes neatly tucked up in a huge black box!

I recently got myself a pair of flat chappals from a brand called Sole’D. For those of you who haven’t heard of this wonderful brand, Sole’D is a facebook page-cum-online shopping experience that allows you to pick from a range of colourful and stylish shoes.

It is one store we love going back to for a dose of footwear every time monotony hits us. If you remember, Alice recently wore the cutesy pink, strappy pair of sandals at her garage sale with her gorgeous black dress. The look and the feel of her shoes excited me so much, I simply had to get myself a pair!

Even though my closet is brimming with all kinds of footwear, a new pair never hurts, does it?

New pair of shoes!
New pair!

The occasion for which I picked these sandals was a wedding in the family. Now most of us would opt for heeled shoes, especially to wear with Indian clothes. But I also had to make sure I was comfortable as there were thousands of errands to run that day. Therefore, I picked a flat silver-strappy number (similar to Alice’s) with a hint of gold.

To my surprise, the pair not only went flawlessly with an Indian lehenga, but I also wore it the day after with a comfy pair of yoga pants! The shoes have a classic-yet-boho feel that makes them gel with all kinds of outfits. On top of that, gold and silver are neutral shades that can be teamed with almost any hue. This is one multi-tasking purchase!

One way with two shoes
One way with two shoes. Picture courtesy- Tejit Sampat

If you too want to get yourself a pair of shoes from Sole’D too, visit their Facebook page.

Other must-lusts from Sole’D:


Making a splash this monsoon with Bata

Before the rains actually set in, some of us were invited to the Bata store to take a look at their monsoon collection. In an outfit suited to the season, we picked the pairs we liked most and posed for a shutterbug. Do I get a thumbs up for my monsoon ready ensemble?

Monsoon Basics
Monsoon Basics
Monsoon ensemble
Monsoon ensemble

A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

I know you’ve had this fantasy for a while. You’ve been dreaming that the shoe you lost has turned into a glass slipper and Prince Charming is on his way to fit you right back into it. No? Oh, I must be narrating my own wish then. When I scheduled a visit to the newly opened Heel & Buckle store at Palladium, I had no clue what adventure I was in for.

Heel & Buckle
Heel & Buckle

All photographs: Himani Shah

At Heel & Buckle
At Heel & Buckle

This charming old world shop is easy to spot on the last level. Entering it is like walking in to a fairy tale. You half expect a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand. The store attendants (who I think double up as Cinderella’s helpers after hours) greet you and ask if they may help you. When you’re done feasting on the Pazzion and Paco Gil collection, you may ask them to get your size in the pair you would like to try.

Look! The shoe I've been missing
Look! The shoe I’ve been missing
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats
Embellished rose motif ballerina flats

I was so fascinated with the process I’m about to describe. Continue reading A Cinderella experience at Heel & Buckle

Wearing Elle to the Allen Solly & Vogue School Of Style

Alice wandering...
Alice wandering…

Phew! That’s a lot of brand names in the title. As my sister likes to put it, I’m a ‘prankster’. So I wore my newest Elle dress to the Allen Solly & Vogue ‘School Of Style’. It’s a different print for me yet within my realm.

Alice at the Vogue 'School of Style'
Alice at the Allen Solly & Vogue ‘School of Style’

We finally have a legit outfit post. Thanks to my sister, the ‘photographeress’, you can see the details of my look.

Dress – Elle FashionWear | Earrings – Mom’s | Belt – Elle FashionWear | Bag – Sister’s (from Mango) | Shoes – H & M

The Photographeress
The Photographeress

Do you think our looks work? Apart from the fact that I need to lose weight (just being honest), did I do okay?

Walking away
Walking away

As I wander away, I have to mention how excited I am for the first Elle FashionWear bloggers’ meet. I have to dress for a ‘mid-day in Paris’ and I’m looking for inspiration. Feel free to throw ideas at me. Thanks!

Skechers’ Spring/Summer ’13 Showcase

One of the interesting things about being a blogger is that you get invited to various showcases put up by international and local brands and get to learn so much more (than an average consumer) about a product you’re gonna buy. Needless to say, I was very intrigued when I was invited for Skechers’ Spring Summer ’13 showcase.

Selected few from Skechers'  SS '13 collection
Selected few from Skechers’ SS ’13 collection

Surprisingly, Skechers is a fairly young brand (just about 20 years old). The company primarily produced lifestyle shoes but has now branched out into performance and sport shoes as well. We got a peek at the best shoes across all 3 categories.

And I learnt some really interesting things. Like, some styles have a completely flexible sole. You can actually fold the shoe completely, carry it with you and when you retrieve it, it will take its original shape. Cool, right? Certain styles have a memory foam sole. Heard of the memory foam mattress? Yep, same concept. The sole takes the shape of your foot and returns to its original form when not worn. I was impressed. Most of the styles have a mid-foot strike as opposed to a heel strike. So when you walk, run or exercise, the weight of your foot strikes the middle of the shoe, giving you a better grip and balance. Who knew?

My favourite shoe from the Skechers' SS'13 collection
My favourite shoe from the Skechers’ SS’13 collection

This particular one above is my favourite shoe from the Skechers’ SS ’13 collection. Have you realised we most often buy ‘sport shoes’ in a white or grey colour? Why do we do that? So, I picked this black one. I like the pink accents. And they’re super comfy when you wear them. Also, the price point is great, only Rs 2999. Not a bad investment I say.

Which style is your favourite? Maybe I can tell you an interesting fact or two about it.