Try A Different Kind Of Massage Therapy – An Ayurvedic One | My Review

I’m a self-confessed spa enthusiast. I have gone for a massage even on a holiday in Goa. Make that every holiday. I remember the time I initiated myself to body massages. It was a building dedicated to massage therapies, in Pattaya. There has been no looking back since. Every vacation I go on, I will try the authentic massage that spa has to offer.

Considering the information I just gave you, you won’t be surprised when I tell you I enthusiastically took up the opportunity to try a therapy/treatment at the NuAyurveda Clinic in Mumbai.

I went in for what is called the Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage. I was as fascinated as you presumably are and had read up on the site what it would be like.

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Fighting the monsoon for my skin

I had no clue until now that the monsoon was turning out to be my skin’s worst enemy. My face has broken out so badly, it’s terrible. And I have a lot of important places to go to. When I received information about Avène’s three-step solution for acne, I was on board immediately. If you’re facing the same problem, you should try it with me.

Specifically developed for cleansing and moisturising oily skin, Avène’s new line of treatment contains specific ingredients which reduce sebum production, soothe irritations and leave the skin feeling fresh and mattified.

I’ve already started following the procedure. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Cleanance Gel
Cleanance Gel

Step 1 – Cleanse with Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

It cleanses and purifies your skin while respecting its pH. This very gentle paraben-free cleansing gel is perfectly suited for young, oily blemish-prone skin of the face and body. It purifies the skin and controls oil secretion without abrasion (no rebound effect). Its seboregulators and anti-bacterial key ingredients eliminate impurities and excess oil. Key ingredients like Cucurbita pepo help minimize excess sebum, while Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes the skin, leaving it clear, fresh and non-irritated. It prepares the skin for treatment. This is a very economical product, as a small quantity is enough to be effective.

FACT: This product was tested morning and evening for 21 days by 30 people with acne-prone skin, and 100% of the users noticed that their skin was clearer after 15 days!


Step 2 – Treat and eliminate imperfections with TriAcneal

Paraben-free TriAcneal helps eliminate severe imperfections while smoothing your skin. Effectiose ®, a patented innovation from PFDC Research Center (France), regulates the influx of irritating substances at the follicle level. Glycolic acid helps to peel away impurities, while Retinaldehyde regulates the formation of skin flaws and prevents residual marks. The soothing effects of Avène Thermal Spring Water provide the skin with a feeling of instant comfort in this formulation as well.

FACT: This product was tested on 47 people with skin imperfections. As early as the second week, 85% users noticed a decrease in residual marks on the face!

Cleanance Mask
Cleanance Mask

Step 3 – Restore radiance with Cleanance Deep-cleansing Purifying Mask

Have oily skin with light imperfections? This paraben-free mask, which turns into a scrub, erases, eliminates impurities and tightens pores, a three-in-one way to perfect skin! Enriched in soft clay and vegetal key ingredients, this mask absorbs excess sebum, while its micro-particles unclog your pores gently, giving your complexion clarity. Its mattifying qualities help restore your skin’s velvety texture.

FACT: This product was tested by 32 people with oily skin once or twice a week and 97% of the users felt that their skin was purified, smoother and exfoliated satisfactorily! 80% of the users said they experienced a visible no-shine result as early as one hour following application!

I’m sure, like me, most of you must be unaware of Avène and its presence in India. Log on to their website: and you’ll find products recommended for you after a diagnosis along with instructional videos. Try it and let me know. 🙂