Talking Shop With Actress Shweta Tripathi & Falling In Love

She goes by @battatawada on Twitter and has been bagging all the awards at the shows for her debut in Masaan. It was also the recipient of the Best Film prize in the Un Certain Regard category at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. Today, a short film featuring her, Koi Dekh Lega releases on the Y Films channel on YouTube. I’m talking about the extremely spirited actress, Shweta Tripathi. Incidentally, the year before I was features writer at Filmfare, Shweta did her internship at Femina. That’s how a common friend introduced us on Facebook. At the time we became ‘friends’ online, she was helping with casting for Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. She innocently asked me if I knew any Kashmiri looking girl and I felt really bad for not knowing one. Of course, Nargis Fakhri eventually did that role and Rockstar became one of my favourite films. Fast forward some years and Shweta is shooting for an ad film in Bangkok and I’m on a FaceTime call with her, talking about everything under the sun. It took a lot of co-ordination and lighting (Shweta was actually sitting in front of the television to catch light, so I could see her) but once we got talking, a little more than an hour just flew by.

Shweta Tripathi
Shweta Tripathi

Here’s what you need to know about her: She’s not changing her twitter handle from @battatawada to @ShwetaTripathi449 or something else anytime soon. She doesn’t believe in losing her quirkiness to make herself easily searchable. (I love that.) She follows Robert Downey Jr. and Jim Carrey and likes to think people on Twitter follow her because she is herself even on social media. It is interesting to follow people who have opinions on things like movies or topics that interest a user.

@battatawada twitter snapshot
@battatawada twitter snapshot

Her twitter DP is also making me extremely nostalgic. Remember this?

I’m the tomato sauce to your #spaghetti. #LACMA

A photo posted by Dhruvi Shah (@alicewandering) on

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Texting Is Taking Over Our Lives & The Art Of Conversation Is Dying!

I was originally going to write this blog for Floh, and I’ve been thinking about it/mulling over it for a while. And suddenly, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to churn it out here for all you loyal readers.

I think I’ve enjoyed good conversations with boys ever since I was a teenager. In fact, in my late teens and early twenties, my ‘boy friends’ often dubbed me as ‘one of the dudes’. I could talk to them about movies, computers, technology, ‘girls’, travelling, everything under the sun, except cricket (I just can’t wrap my head around it despite several attempts).

I remember the day I acquired a cellphone. It was 2001, an evening in November, the 21st, to be precise, 4 days before my 13th birthday (?). I was not new to cellphones, I just hadn’t had my own before. That fateful night, without having activated the ‘9 to 9 scheme (Indian millennials know what I’m referring to)’, I had spent 6 hours of the night on the phone. Of course, the bill that ensued at the end of the month, ensured my postpaid connection be cut off for years to come, allowing me a reasonably allocated prepaid account.

If one thing hasn’t changed since I was 13, it’s the fact that I. Love. Talking. On The Phone.

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Putting it out there: Chapter 1

I have always found my rescue in words. I don’t know when I started stringing sentences together to mean something. Now, for as long as I can remember, I have harboured the wish to write a novel. Since I quit my full-time job, I’ve been working on the structure and words of a book. Here’s a little something I wrote. It would mean the world to me if you would give me your feedback and comments. Here goes:


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Care for Cocktail? I sure do!

Maybe it’s because Deepika Padukone is active on twitter only when promoting her upcoming films. Or maybe because someone told me she delivers her best performance in Cocktail. In any case, I happened to see this tweet on my timeline and I had to instantly check out the trailer.

(Click on the image to be linked to the trailer)

My major interest in the film lies in the fact that Imtiaz Ali has written it. (Of course!) However, Homi Adajania has directed it, Saif Ali Khan, Dinesh Vijan and Sunil Lulla have produced it. And Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty star in it.

Poster for Cocktail
Poster for Cocktail
(Click on the image to be linked to the fb page)

I like how they’re going about the publicity for the film. It started with an exclusive facebook invite to a cocktail party and has continued with a midnight launch of the trailer. Even the film’s poster resembles a Polaroid picture. You approve? What are your thoughts so far?

Like music? Sport a Fusic tee. Answer to win!

Update: Contest closed. Congratulations Himani Shah! You won a Fusic tee. 🙂

You must have read the previous post: Shahid & Priyanka: Boxers or tees?
You know celebrities like to sport their love for music on tees. But they sure aren’t the only ones. Our city offers a range to choose from: massive headphones to famous bands. For music lovers though, it’s never enough, is it?

Enter Clinton with Fusic. Born out of Clinton’s passion for design and quest for independence, Fusic is a line of tees that is at best ‘a visual interpretation of music’. He combines his creative and entrepreneurial skills with fine artists’ flair to design graphics and innovate patterns for t-shirts.

The result is release of Volume 1 of Fusic: a range of men’s tees touching on the wired, plugged and spirited rebellion in this digital age of media players. Take a look for yourself at the tees being stocked in medium to extra large sizes.

Plugged from Fusic
Retro Beat from Fusic
Money for Nothing from Fusic

What’s the good news, you ask? You stand a chance to win of these. Leave your answer to this simple question in the comments section.

“How do you listen to your favourite music?”

Alice loves music at night. Just before she goes to sleep, she installs her itouch on the speaker set, switches on a lamp, shuts off everything else and lets the music take over.

Wired from Fusic

Hurry and leave your answers. Contest ends February 13th. Double your chances of winning by subscribing to my blog, liking my facebook page and following me on twitter.  Girls, you should enter for your valentine. 🙂

Mute from Fusic

In the future, Fusic promises tops for girls with funky designs, fashion accessories and an online store! They currently retail at select outlets in Mumbai, hoping to increase the number and find a foothold in other cities as well.

They hope to graphically explore the different genres of music, music cultures, music icons, historic musical events, technology that backs music, its own take on music and much more. Sounds exciting!