The Alice Connection

It was November 2008. I was having a Facebook conversation with a new friend. The subject of movies came up. It always does. I confessed that secretly I would like to be called Alice, based on Natalie Portman’s character in Closer.

Natalie Portman as Alice in Closer |

I started this blog 2 years after that conversation. And I knew my pseudonym would be Alice. I also thought of myself as a wanderer. Someone who never stopped discovering and going on adventures.

Alice wandering...
Alice wandering…

People started confusing Alice wandering… with Alice in Wonderland. After a while, I couldn’t be bothered to correct them. Partly because the books have influenced me too. And so much more greatly since I started blogging. So, I became Alice in Wonderland. A wanderer, eating her way through fashion and film.

Alice in Wonderland tea party

And my obsession with all things Alice continues.