Tripping on Y Films’ First Short The Road Trip Feat. Tahir Raj Bhasin & Nimrat Kaur

Keeping aside the fact that I have huge huge crush on Tahir Raj Bhasin. I mean, have you seen this guy? A special mention to Shanoo Sharma for introducing him to me. I’m really excited that one of the most prolific and celebrated production houses in the country has ventured into short films, directed by Ankur Tewari, with its youth division, Y Films. I had the privilege of previewing 3 of the 6 Love Shots on Monday and asking Ashish Patil the question that was on my mind.

A still from The Road Trip
A still from The Road Trip

My memory of watching short films, especially, in the theatre is Pixar’s shorts at the top of some of their most iconic films. I still remember the one attached to Wall-E and most recently, Lava, played before Inside Out. I wondered if Ashish had the same concept in my mind. To my assumption, he said I was bang on. That was absolutely the inspiration for him. He wants to experiment with content and format as much as possible with a platform like Y Films (currently a subscriber base of 2.5 lakhs approx. on YouTube). He hopes there will be short film festivals, short film awards and what not in the future.

I just gotta say that if anyone can do it, it’s YRF. Short films are usually the first attempt by a feature filmmaker and a gateway to festivals and awards, etc. Heck, the Oscars have a category for short films too.

If you’re as excited about this development as I am. Check out The Road Trip here:

And the teaser for Koi Dekh Lega feat. another one of my favourites, Shweta Tripathi here:

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