Try A Different Kind Of Massage Therapy – An Ayurvedic One | My Review

I’m a self-confessed spa enthusiast. I have gone for a massage even on a holiday in Goa. Make that every holiday. I remember the time I initiated myself to body massages. It was a building dedicated to massage therapies, in Pattaya. There has been no looking back since. Every vacation I go on, I will try the authentic massage that spa has to offer.

Considering the information I just gave you, you won’t be surprised when I tell you I enthusiastically took up the opportunity to try a therapy/treatment at the NuAyurveda Clinic in Mumbai.

I went in for what is called the Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage. I was as fascinated as you presumably are and had read up on the site what it would be like.

I arrived at the clinic in Andheri (West) just in time. The room was set up and the therapists were waiting for me. As if I was an ABCD in a Hollywood movie, they instructed me to strip down completely for the massage. I assured them, in Hindi, I was aware that that was the procedure.

One of the therapists gave me a head massage to begin with. A few minutes later, I was lying flat on the massage bed. And heaps of fragrant, warm oil were poured on me. Before I knew it, I was completely relaxed, seconds away from falling into deep slumber. What struck me the most was the rhythmic movements that the two therapists employed for the massage. It was like they were following a beat in unison. It was extremely satisfying to the brain, somehow. My body felt symmetric too and I understood how this treatment could bring awareness to oneself and relieve you of any stress.

While there would be many benefits, the ones I could immediately feel were the effects of the oil on my skin. The oil definitely had a medicinal quality and aromatic fragrance. The second would be the release of toxins. I felt lighter and relieved soon after. And lastly, the calming effect of the strokes. The 45 minute long treatment came very close to listening to a guided meditation. The rhythm quietens the mind and brings a sense of awareness.

There are still a few days left in 2016. You should book yourself for a treatment if you want to feel renewed for the coming year.

*This is not a sponsored post. I did receive the treatment complimentary in exchange for a review. Thoughts expressed here are genuine and original.