What we wore to the garage sale: From the Rabbit Hole

Bows on my back

Photograph: Himani Shah

Veiled headband – New Look, Brighton, UK | Dress – FCUK, Mumbai | Ring – Bought at garage sale | Shoes – Bangkok, Thailand

I made three trips to FCUK before I picked up this dress. Even then I wasn’t sure. I finally came home and showed it to the sister. She instantly remarked, ‘It’s so Mad Men! You look like Christina Hendricks.’ I was flattered and ready to flaunt my curves. Since the sister and I have been ODing on Mad Men, I channeled a ‘vintage look’ to the garage sale. I love to wear this veiled headband and keep looking for an appropriate occasion. I’m glad I wore it then. I was so happy to receive everyone’s compliments. 😀

image via littlepaperdresses.blogspot.com
Himani's vintage look
Himani's vintage look

Photograph: Dhruvi Shah

Headband – UK | Dress – Vintage | Belt – Bangkok, Thailand | Shoes – Vintage

The sister went vintage too. She’s actually wearing a dress that was once mine. She got it fitted and made it her own. Clearly, she loves hearts too. :*

1 thought on “What we wore to the garage sale: From the Rabbit Hole

  1. beautiful!! lovely dress 🙂

    damn i missed it AGAIN!! ahh last week’s crazy victory weekend for India. Look forward to seeing some pics of the Garage sale tho!